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The Broad Museum in Los Angeles
Report is a crisp 600 words, error-free, written in a narrativeform that includes: 
1) a description of the event/experience—date, time, place, who, what 
2) an analysis of possible significance of certain aspects of the work, or the work as a whole
3) a discussion about how this event correlates to the content of this class 
4)your opinion of the art event/experience beyond the obvious “I liked” or “I did not like.” Add some detail about how and why you formed your opinion.
5) attached proof of your having attended the art experience: ticket stub or program or photograph of you in attendance. Without such proof you will lose 5 points.
6) MLA citation format identifying the source for any quote you use in your written report, such as a program note or a quote from a website or personal interview.*** Long quotes not appropriate for this report.
Report Format:Put your report word-count on first page under your name. Word count should be as close to 600 words as possible. Use double-space, 12 point, easy-read font.

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