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Privacy Policy

Below is Action Papers comprehensive privacy statement. While the fundamental aspects of Action Papers privacy statement may not change, we advise all recurrent users to carefully examine the details of our privacy policy from time to time as they are subject to change.

Gathered User Information

Information gathered on our clients and essay writers is used only to improve our services and to provide support to our customers. No personal or payment information is given to third parties.

Additionally, our webserver only gathers data such as IP address, browser type, times of access, and operating system type for statistical purposes only. Cookies are also sometimes used for the purpose of customizing your webpage’s content on our site.


By cookies, we are referring to text files that identify any computer to the server. These only identify the computer but never the specific individual user by name. Credence Writers uses cookies to gather information about our web traffic and to understand how we can improve our services in the future. Cookies are an effective measuring system to determine how much time a given user stays on a certain page on our website. However, users are always allowed to receive notifications when cookies are used or they may turn off cookies if they desire. With cookies are turned off, however, certain personalized aspects of our website may not be used.

Optional Information Use

On certain pages of Credence Writers, you will be requested to give personal information such as name, contact info, or email address. However, any personal information that you provide on our website will never be disclosed to any third parties. We only request this information to facilitate communication between us and our clients while they are trying to submit or retrieve orders. Any demographic details that you give us are only used for our company’s marketing research.

When contacting us via email to provide your feedback, request a service, or more details about our services, your personal information (i.e. your email address) is used to contact you. However, your personal information is never shared, given, or sold to any outside sources or companies, unless you disclose it yourself by communicating via chat with other users.

Future Privacy Policy Amendments

If our privacy policy terms and conditions are modified in the future, we are not obligated to contact you. Continually re-reading our privacy policy from time-to-time is the sole responsibility of the client and not Credence Writers. It is, therefore, urged and encouraged for all our clients and writers to regularly read our privacy policy for any changes that may affect their experience with our company.

Website Security

We perform routine security checks and have secure systems in place to ensure that your payment and personal information is always private, protected and only visible to our company. Please DO log out from your accounts if you use any device that can be used by other people but you, like Internet café or others, to keep your data safe and protected, and avoid any hacking.

Our Links Disclaimer

For all links to other websites posted on our website, we do not explicitly or implicitly endorse their products, content, opinions, services, views, accessibility, policies, or products. If you follow the link to its website away from Credence Writers, we are not responsible for that website and you are subject to, but are not limited to, the other website’s written terms, conditions, and privacy policies.

Prohibited Disclosures

Usage of information from both employees and employers related to this privacy policy are for the exclusive use of the commissioner responsible. Information on this website is not open to the public and may not be used in any court of law during any action, legal or otherwise, unless the commissioner is responsible for such action claimed by the other party. A claim of benefits will be determined and made to the affected parties at the commissioner’s discretion. It is also possible to legally pursue parties who abscond on payment.

Do not disclose your personal information or payment data communicating via chat with other users and writers in your profile for security reasons.

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