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For this assignment you will write a two to two and a half page research paper (800-1000 words) in which you will discuss Neoliberalism and its policies, focusing on the example of your choice.
Start by defining Neoliberalism, then list major policies and institutions. Finally, discuss pros and cons of neoliberalism and discuss specific example of your choice: education, healthcare, or a country struggling with neoliberal policies. Here are some questions that might help you: What do people think they gain from many harmful neoliberal policies? How have large multinational corporations been able to use their power to influence nation-states to look out for their interests? Why do you think strict neoliberal economic policies would be problematic in a democratic society? How do you think education and healthcare have changed since neoliberal policies were introduced? 
For example: One of the outcomes of the Iraq war was to introduce a neoliberal form of economy. Identify the factors that fit this form of economy. Was this a successful undertaking? What unexpected outcomes followed?
As a reminder, read chapters and assigned pages to the point that you can redeploy its arguments and fashion your own position in discussions, exams and in this case assignment. Use the appropriate anthropological concepts and perspectives. Recognize theorists, artists, and students that influence your approach by crediting them with citations following APA format and express your own original ideas. Read Academic Integrity Statement in this syllabus for important explanations about plagiarism. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and word order

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