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Reference Book Chapters: 81-87 of  A Dispensational Theology by C.F. Baker
Reference Book Chapter: 11 of Know Your Bible by S. Craig MacDonald

Articulate your understanding of Dispensational theology and your own beliefs regarding such theology. Defend your understanding of theology as you espouse your particular view. It is not required that you fully adhere to the Mid-Acts Dispensational view, but you should be able to explain it and verbalize your own particular view of it.

In this research paper,  articulate what you believe to be the core values of Dispensational theology (minimum of three) and substantiate your response with Scripture. You certainly cannot write a full Dispensational theology in this paper, but you can identify what you believe to be the most essential features from your understanding and studies in this course.
Write a 3-4 page paper regarding these core teachings.

The following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:
1. Articulate the core values of Dispensational theology (minimum of three).
2. Substantiate your thoughts with Scripture as well as demonstrate an ability to use both systematic and biblical-theological hermeneutics as you develop your main points.
3. Include quotations from credible authors to support your thoughts.
Include a good summary statement as you consider your personal integration of Dispensational theology into the Christian life.

Provide at least two academic resources.
Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA7 format.

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