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Two paragraphs each
Separate answers
One references per question
1.            Value” Please respond to the following:
Assess BCP as a process that adds business value. Give your opinion on whether or not the argument that states BCP adds value is a credible argument. Explain why or why not.
Speculate the strategic values that could be realized by having an effective BCP. Provide a rationale for your answer.
2.            Cloud Computing” Please respond to the following:
Evaluate the benefits of cloud computing for modern and legacy organizations looking to migrate to the cloud. Support the use of cloud computing as a viable option within an organizational business continuity strategy.
Identify the drawbacks for using cloud computing in your BCP. Determine the strategies you would use to mitigate the drawbacks if you were the IT manager in charge of the decision. Provide a rationale for your answer.
Cite a source in APA
3.            CIS 110
Why should we use a markup language to create basic web pages to be interpreted by the web browser?
4.            Social media strategy”
Please respond to the following:
How might an integrated social media strategy, which leverages all three (3) media types (visual, video, and text), create more consistent and stable marketing results?
How do you think an integrated social media strategy will align to your projected target market? Why do you think a business should use an integrated social media strategy? Justify and defend your response.
Assessing Threats to the Freedom of the Press”
How serious are the current threats to the freedom of the press? Support your views with two or three reasons and/or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced.)
6.            Define the purpose of triggers and how they impact database design. Give a detailed example of a trigger and explain how they protect databases.Find and share a website that details best practices when creating database triggers.
7., Getting Thirsty
Water covers 75% of the Earth’s surface, but most of it contains high concentrations of salt and is unavailable. Desalination is expensive for developing countries, making that salt water unsuitable for consumption or irrigation. Consequently, access to fresh water is a growing issue as countries share the same water sources. This even has the potential to become an issue of national security.
Think of the issues that come from circumstances in which countries share the same water source. For example, consider disputes over the Jordan river between Jordan and Israel, or the Tigris River between Iraq and Turkey.
Now consider what would happen if your state or community had only limited fresh water access. How involved do you feel local governments should be in controlling water access?

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