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Unit VI Project
Marketing Plan Project: Phase 4
You are continuing to develop your marketing plan project for final delivery in Unit VII. In this portion of the project, you will be addressing the controls, implementation, and marketing organizational processes for the company you chose in Unit III to develop its marketing plan.
In this assignment, you will research, analyze, and create the marketing plan sections described below.

Controls: Create the appropriate management measures that will help the company evaluate the expected results or show the unexpected performance deficiencies that will need corrective action.
Implementation: Demonstrate how your implementation phase will be monitored with the selected controls that are expected to ensure the plan’s success.
Marketing Organization: Finally, demonstrate how you have organized your firm’s marketing organization (by function, geographic location, product, customer) to reach the set marketing goals. Show how the rest of the company’s departments also participate in the planning phase.

Your assignment will be a minimum of three pages in length. Ensure that you identify each section with a heading in your assignment.
You should reference at least three sources to support this section of your marketing plan.

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