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WRTG112 Introduction to Academic Writing II
Week 8 Discussion
DQ1 Thinking about Challenges and Achievements
In “How I Found the Time for Reflective Learning,” Dr. Richard Eve explains why he believes reflection is important to his practice as a surgeon and how he fits reflection into his busy life. Reflection is a beneficial skill for a variety of learners, tasks, and goals. As we near the end of the course, it is useful to look back and consider what was learned and how it was learned, as well as what challenges arose. This reflection will help you make the most of your learning in WRTG 112 and can inform how you approach future courses and writing endeavors.
You may wish to refer to the reading “How I Found the Time for Reflective Learning” in your responses to this discussion.
Initial post (by Wednesday):
Respond to the following in 2-3 paragraphs:
(1) What challenges did you face in our course, and how did you handle them? Would you respond differently to those challenges in future courses?
(2) Has your attitude towards writing changed during this course? Why or why not?
(3) Consider the aspirations you identified in Week 1. As the course nears an end, do you believe your learning in Introduction to Writing has been effective in helping you move toward your goals? Why or why not? You might mention aspects of your way of working in the course and/or elements of the course itself.
Guided response (by Friday):
Introspection is valuable in developing ourselves, but we cannot discount the value of learning from those around us. Select at least one peer and comment on what aspects of that person’s experience were instructive or helpful for you. How did the person help you think about things in a different way?
DQ2 Using Active and Passive Voice
Initial post (by Wednesday):
Post one paragraph from your recent writing that contains a sentence in passive voice. Remember that in a passive voice, the subject of the sentence does not do an action; the subject of the sentence is acted upon.
Example: The meeting minutes are written by a different committee member each week.
In this passive sentence, the subject, “minutes,” does not do any writing. The minutes are written by committee members.
Then respond to the following:
Rewrite your sentence in active voice.
Example: A different committee member writes the meeting minutes each week.
Given the meaning and context of your particular sentence, which version is more effective: the active or the passive? Explain your answer.
Guided response (by Friday):
Respond to at least one of your peers. What feedback or suggestions do you have related to the use of active and/or passive in your classmate’s post?

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