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WRTG112 Introduction to Academic Writing II
Week 6 Discussion
DQ1 Expectations in Context
The article “Young Writer With a Following Admits Fabricating Dylan Quotes in Book” describes the situation of Jonah Lehrer, a writer who violated expectations regarding the integrity of his work.
Expectations for writers can vary from one context to another. In WRTG 112, we have been studying how to use sources in a research paper. In this discussion, we will explore how the expectations for college research writing are similar and/or different from expectations in other writing contexts.
Initial post (by Wednesday):
Respond to the following in 1-2 paragraphs.
Summarize the expectations for use of sources in a college research paper, as you understand them.
In what ways are these expectations similar to or different from expectations you have observed in other contexts, such as workplace, personal, or journalistic writing? You might use observations from your reading about Jonah Lehrer in addition to personal experience in your response.
Guided response (by Friday):
Respond to at least of your classmates. Are there areas in which your understanding differs from theirs? What can you add to their observations?
DQ2 Using Pronouns Effectively
Initial post (by Wednesday):
Post one paragraph from any of your recent writing, and do the following:
Identify all pronouns in your paragraph. Remember that pronouns include personal pronouns like “she,” “her,” and “it”; indefinite pronouns like “everyone,” “each,” and “all”; and relative pronouns like “that” and “which.”
Identify the antecedent of each pronoun in your paragraph. The antecedent is the noun to which the pronoun refers.
If you found any of the three types of pronoun problems—unclear pronoun reference, vague subject pronoun, or agreement error—in your paragraph, identify the problem and revise the problematic sentence.
Guided response (by Friday):
In response to one of your peers:
Identify any additional pronoun problems you observed in the paragraph.
Provide suggestions to improve the use of pronouns in the paragraph.

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