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WRTG112 Introduction to Academic Writing II
Week 5 Discussion
DQ1 Developing a Body Paragraph
For this discussion, you will develop one BODY paragraph of your research essay. Your paragraph will begin with one of the topic sentences from your sentence outline. (Feel free to revise the topic sentence if you think it would be beneficial.) It will then provide major and minor details to develop the idea in the topic sentence. Consider where evidence from your sources will help support your ideas, and make sure you comment on the evidence to show how it supports the topic sentence. Post your paragraph here.
Guided response (by Friday):
Choose a paragraph posted by one of your peers. Then find an example of evidence used in the paragraph and consider it in light of the reading on Using Evidence. What characteristics of weak or strong evidence, or of effective or ineffective quotation do you observe? Please be constructive in your comments, so that if you find areas for improvement, you point them out respectfully and include suggestions for more effective use of evidence.
DQ2 Other Punctuation Marks
Initial post (by Wednesday):
Which punctuation marks do you think are most difficult to use correctly? Why? What might you do to help remember the rules for these punctuation marks or to make effective choices about these punctuation marks?
Guided response (by Friday):
Choose a classmate’s post about a punctuation marks, and find an example of effective use of that punctuation marks. The example could come from your own writing or from outside published writing. Quote the example and explain what is effective about the punctuation choice.

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