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WRTG112 Introduction to Academic Writing II
Week 3 Discussion
DQ1 Identifying and Evaluating Sources
For this discussion topic, you will post four sources that you consider possible sources for your research project. At least two of these should be scholarly journal articles.
For each source, please post your answers to the following:
Provide an APA-style reference citation for the source. Remember that you can use CiteFast if you wish.
What type of document is the source (journal article, news article, government document, etc.), and how can you tell?
When considering the usefulness of this source for your research project, what positive and/or negative features can you identify? Factors you may wish to consider include focus, credibility, detail, and audience.
Optional question: Feel free to comment on what search strategies you employed to find your sources.
DQ2 Making Choices About Commas
Post a paragraph from any writing you have done recently. Then identify one choice you made with regard to commas (either using a comma or not using a comma). Comment on the reasons for your choice. Are there other alternatives for punctuating the sentence that you might consider?

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