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IFSM201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology
Week 4 Discussion
Consumer Protection – Who Can You Trust?
Choose one or more questions to complete your discussion. Students, please note, if there is noted duplication of topics and references you will be asked to rewrite your discussion.  Let’s be original with our work. Thank you.)
1. What is the difference between the Internet and Internet2? Why are there two variations and what is the use of each one? What about Cloud Computing?  Is it a utility which can be useful to both Internet and Internet2?
2.The World Wide Web has tremendous power and a major information resource. Is there a difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web? What are other avenues located on the World Wide Web, other than the Internet; or are these terms in reverse? After you review and understand the difference between the two technologies, name and discuss three specific sources.
3. When using the World Wide Web there is a utility known as ‘Browser’. Please research and reference your responses.  I look forward to seeing them. What did you learn or find interesting from looking at them?
4. If you are shopping online, how do you determine whether the merchant is trustworthy?
5 Is it possible to determine trustworthiness when you walk into a store and need to use a credit card for a purchase?
6. Who is better positioned to regulate online transactions and handle irregularities or complaints – consumer advocacy groups or the government?
7. What is the method of filing a consumer complaint with a consumer protection office (government agency). Are consumer groups helpful?

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