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IFSM201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology
Week 3 Discussion
Your life is somewhere in a database
Choose one question to complete your discussion. Students, please note, if there is noted duplication of topics and references you will be asked to rewrite your discussion.  Let’s be original with our work. Thank you.)
Your life is somewhere in a database
1. Are you comfortable with giving away some of your privacy for increased security? Why or why not?
2. How far would you let the government go in examining people’s private lives?
3. Or how much access should we have to certain aspects of others’ private lives?
4. For example, should States share criminal databases?  Many TV shows depict law enforcement personnel accessing readily accessible databases that contain all types of records about individuals –records about everything from address to telephone records to finances, insurance, and criminal history.
5. Specifically, should a database of people paroled or released for crimes be made public?  Why or why not?
6. What about those who have committed other types of crimes?
7. Who should have access to the database? Why?

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