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IFSM201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology
Week 2 Quiz  
Question 1
Chat messages are an example of:
Question options:
Information shared by individuals
Information shared by organizations
Information shared by firmware/software.
Question 6         
If your home network has more than one computer computer or laptop or tablet or other internet enabled device that requires internet access or to use wifi, the component needed to support this is the:
Question options:
fax machine
Question 8         
If you are connecting only one device (computer or laptop or tablet or other internet enabled device) to the network from a single location in your home and do not need wifi, the component needed is:
Question options:
a modem.
a router.
a fax machine.
a mouse.
Question 10       
When discussing home networks, a server or a host is:
Question options:
the modem.
the router
One device that is physically connected to the router and through the router to the internet
Another computer in the home that needs to be connected
Question 13       
(True or False). The Internet of Things means web pages with descriptions of devices that can connect through the Internet.
Question options:
Question 18       
Which of the following would not be considered an example of a pre-defined function?
Question options:
(A1 + A2)
SUM (A1 + A2)
Question 20
Before you use the subtotal command, your data must be:
Question options:

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