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IFSM201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology
Week 1 Quiz
Data 1
Data 2
Question 2
(True/False). Information about a person, place or thing remains the same over time.
Question options:
Question 3
(True/False). Data is made up by many pieces of information.
Question options:
Question 7                         
Knowledge flows from the information that has been generated. Which of the following does not necessarily flow from information that has been generated:
Question options:
The information can provide a better comprehension of a specific problem
Since information is based on data, and data is just the facts, the knowledge gained from the information is always correct.
The information can indicate what should be done and how it might be accomplished.
The information might suggest how one might be personally involved
Question 8                         
The following would be an example of which type of data:
Responses posted to an open-ended questionnaire related to religious beliefs
Question options:
Question 12                       
Which of the following would be the best way to collect data regarding where your extended family would like to hold the next family reunion.
Question options:
A survey you design yourself
Acquire the data from a web site that lists favorite locations for family reunions
Acquire the data from a source the Open Access Directory’s data repository
Question 16       
Based on your readings regarding the volume of big data, choose the list that represents the items in the list in terms of general to specific:
Question options:
Data Set, Data on the Internet, Big Data, Information in a 1,000-page Research Report
Big Data, Data on the Internet, Data Set, Information in a 1,000-page Research Report
Data on the Internet, Big Data, Information in a 1,000-page Report, Data Set
Question 18       
Excel files are called:
Question options:
Question 19                       
The Excel Ribbon has three modes – Auto Hide, Show Tabs, and Show Tabs and Command.  Which mode would you choose to enable the worksheet itself to take up the entire screen?
Question options:
Show Tabs
Show Tabs and Commands

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