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HMGT322  Health Care Financial Management
Week 5 Discussion
Choose ONE (1) question below to discuss and then respond to TWO (2) of your classmates answers (Try not to repeat others answers). Include the question with your response.
What is depreciation expense and what is its purpose? What type of long-term assets are subject to depreciation and what factors are needed to calculate depreciation?.
What is the difference between a current and a long-term liability? Provide an example of each in the healthcare sector.
What is debt financing? Identify ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of debt financing?
What is equity financing? Identify ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of equity financing.
Why is it important to calculate the future value of a dollar borrowed today?  What is the future value formula?
 Once you posted your initial discussion based on the above, respond to TWO of your fellow classmate’s answers in an area different from your initial response. In responding, either constructively expand or critique their statement or add another advantage, disadvantage or example.

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