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HIST 461 6380 African American History 1865 to the Present
Week 5 Discussion
The Great Depression and World War II
Surely two of the most significant events in American history took place between 1932 and 1945; the Great Depression and World War II. While almost all Americans suffered terribly, black Americans suffered more due to their circumstances. Despite the fact that the New Deal brought some relief, blacks were discriminated against as they had always been.
Black participation in World War II was unparalleled. Once they became part of the military, which took some time, they fought aggressively and courageously in most of the military encounters in the both the European and Pacific theaters of the War. This and other actions would eventually lead to the desegregation of the Armed Forces.
Answer both questions below. Each response must be a minimum of 200 words.
1. Discuss how the New Deal both assisted and discriminated against blacks and the effects that this had on them.
2. Discuss black participation in World War II and the challenges blacks faced home and abroad.

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