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HIST 461 6380 African American History 1865 to the Present
Week 4 Discussion
From Plantation to Ghetto
The period from the 1890s until the mid 1920s was marked by very significant events in the African American community. From the disagreement between Booker T Washington and W.E.B. Dubois concerning education, to the founding of the NAACP and the Urban League, World War I, race riots the Great Migration, the growth of the KKK and the Pan Africanism of Marcus Garvey and others, black lives changed little although there were some very positive developments. Perhaps the most interesting and significant event was the Harlem Renaissance which brought great black talents to the fore.
1. Choose two of these developments and discuss its importance to the black community and their struggle for equal rights. Each of the events must be a minimum of 200 words.

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