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HIST377 6381  U.S. Women’s History 1870 to 2000
Week 4 Discussion
Choose one of the following and write a comprehensive discussion post of 250 to 500 words.  In addition to the assigned readings from the Course Modules and U.S. History, I have included some other resources that you should find helpful – these can be found in the Discussion Topic Week 3: Overview.
Your discussion is due by Thursday of Week 3 – use the “Create a Thread” option, Comments are due by Sunday use the “Reply” option. Note for the comments – make sure that you comment on topics other than the one you wrote your essay on.
1. What drew women to the cities in the 1930’s? How was their mindset different from young women’s mindset from earlier generations?
2. How did popular culture, government legislation, and private industry perpetuate women continuing to be in lower paying jobs or continuing to be at home?

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