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HIST377 6381  U.S. Women’s History 1870 to 2000
Week 2 Research Topic Proposal
Select a topic within the historical parameters of the course, United States women’s history from 1870 to 2000. Conduct preliminary research, based on your topic (with the understanding that it may be slightly modified later in the research process), and write a one-page proposal outlining the subject of your paper. This must contain a clear thesis statement regarding the question(s) your research will answer. Your topic can be a person or event. Discuss ideological issues, cultural context, economics, religion, or other major themes germane to the period of study.
Some Topic Ideas
Settlement House Movement
The Women’s Christian Temperance Union
Women’s Suffrage Movement
The Birth Control Movement
African American Women Reform Efforts
Working Women: The Women’s Trade Union League
Women in World War I
Women in World War II
The Rise of Feminism
Women and the Civil Rights Era
Women of the Red Power Movement (North American Indigenous Women)
Or any topic you get approved by me
HIST377 6381  U.S. Women’s History 1870 to 2000
Week 5 Annotated Bibliography
Conduct research on your topic and compose a property formatted, detailed bibliography consisting of the research sources to be used in your final paper. The sources must consist of both academic journal articles, books (no textbooks or e-books are acceptable), and primary sources.
The minimum requirement for the annotated bibliography is a total of nine sources:
one primary source (historical document, newspaper, letters, or diary)
four academic journal articles
four books
HIST377 6381  U.S. Women’s History 1870 to 2000
Week 8 Final Paper
Write a research paper (7-8 pages of text in length, one-inch margins, double spaced) based on your term paper topic and proposal assignment, using the sources from your annotated bibliography assignment. The paper must present an argument based on your thesis from your topic and proposal assignment.

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