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1. “The World Is Flat” Please respond to the following: 
In 2006, Thomas Friedman authored a book entitled, The World Is Flat. Since that time many people have adopted a global perspective to business. Determine the security concerns that are raised by the flattening of the technological landscape. Explain your answer.
ist and explain three ethical concerns that may be argued from this flattening of the technological landscape.
2.”Ethics and Security” Please respond to the following: 
Organizational end users are generally in the background when it comes to protecting the IT infrastructure. As the chief security officer (CSO), develop a security awareness training communication plan for these users. Your plan must be in nontechnical terms to the user population that incorporates the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s information assets.
Give your opinion as to whether ethics training and security training should be conducted together within an organization. Explain your answer.
3. CIS 110
Describe a user-defined function that you could create but which isn’t mentioned in the textbook. How would your function work?
4. “Measure your social media impact”Please respond to the following:
What are some of the metrics that tie back to engagement, promotion, and conversion, respectively? How do you think these metrics tie back to engagement, promotion, and conversion? Why do you think these metrics are important?
How can those metrics help businesses use social media effectively? Justify your response.
5. “What if Libraries Weren’t Public?”
Libraries and collections of information often exist for the public good. What do you think would happen if libraries of some types of information were privatized? Support your views with two or three reasons and/or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced.)
6. You are a database administrator. A new employee doesn’t understand why, when a query is run against that database, all of the fields are not visible. Explain to the employee what a view is and why they are given one of the table. Describe how indexes are used in creating views and what benefits they may provide.
7. One Breath at a TimeThis week you watched three videos, each on a topic of pollution. Of these three types of pollution, which do you believe you could influence most? Which would be the most manageable at the individual level? Explain your reasoning. (Waste management, air pollution)

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