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Task description
An academic essay which critically discusses the following statement:
The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of a city or region.
Overall the essay must be integrated, comprehensive and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the events industry and regional development. There should be a meaningful discussion about the key factors rather than mere descriptions of elements.
The essay should:

provide an overview and definition of events and their use which:

demonstrates an understanding of the history of events;
identifies and discusses the various sectors of the event industry;
identifies the various types of events (mega, hallmark, community, business, artform)
discusses the significance of the event industry in contemporary society.

describe and discuss, with examples, how events and event tourism interact with:

regional economic development (jobs, income, sustainability);
regional social/cultural development (social cohesion and inclusion): and,
regional environmental development (infrastructure, revitalisation  and appreciation of attractions, sustainability).

There needs to be:

Engagement with the study materials – textbook, academic journals, the Internet, trade and other published reports and documentation to research and develop discussion.
Reference list for any literature cited.

Learning outcomes
1. Comprehend and evaluate the role of festivals and special events in contemporary society
3. Identify and analyse the economic, environmental, sociocultural and political impacts associated with events and discuss the management of associated issues.

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