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SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 1 Discussion
Projecting the World Population
No one knows what the world’s population will be in the future, but the United Nations gives three projections: high, medium, and low. Explain how each of these projections would affect your immediate community. How would these population changes affect the way you currently live your life?
Also, watch the video on the announcements and comment.
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 2 Discussion
Slowing Down Global Warming
Reputable scientific studies continue to show that the Earth is warming at an unsustainable rate because of a rise in the release of CO2 and methane gases. Reflect on your daily life. How may the rise of these gases influence how you live your life? What steps can you take to cut down the amount of these gases released into the atmosphere?
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 3 Discussion
The Cost of Natural Resources
The high cost of oil in the Global South continues to have a detrimental effect on its population. What are the primary natural resources that are used in your state? If this natural resource became unavailable, how would that affect the state’s economy? How does the harvesting or collecting of this natural resource affect the natural environment?
Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least one other post discussing how the natural resource they chose to write about would influence your community.
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 4 Discussion
Accessing Non-Renewable Resources
Countries with access to the planet’s resources continue to grow at a great pace, placing a tremendous strain on the availability of non-renewable resources. What responsibility do these countries have with regard to the rest of the world’s access to these resources?
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 5 Discussion
The Pledge to Eliminate Poverty
The Millennium Development Goals were created to provide developing countries support through the partnership of developed countries. One of these goals was to “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” in the world. How successful do you feel these goals have been in achieving their mission?
Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least one other post, supporting your classmate’s opinion with a valid fact in agreement.
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 6 Discussion
Feeding the World
This week you learned that though there is, in fact, enough food available to feed the entire world every day, this is not happening for various reasons. Look at the community in which you live. If food became inaccessible to your community, how would that affect your day-to-day life? How would it affect the immediate community?
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 7 Discussion
The Evolution of a Technical Solution
Consider how technology has evolved in your life. These changes may impact how we can work to find solutions for the global threats discussed so far. If we could remove the current boundaries of technology and look into the future, how would you use technology to resolve one of these global threats?
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 8 Discussion
Using Technology to Improve the Future
The benefits of technology to humans are almost too numerous to list. As with anything, there are downsides to this advancement. Examine a misuse of technology that you have observed within the global community. 
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 9 Discussion
One Breath at a Time
This week you watched three videos, each on a topic of pollution. Of these three types of pollution, which do you believe you could influence most? Which would be the most manageable at the individual level? Explain your reasoning.
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 10 Discussion
Getting Thirsty
Water covers 75% of the Earth’s surface, but most of it contains high concentrations of salt and is unavailable. Desalination is expensive for developing countries, making that salt water unsuitable for consumption or irrigation. Consequently, access to fresh water is a growing issue as countries share the same water sources. This even has the potential to become an issue of national security.
Think of the issues that come from circumstances in which countries share the same water source. For example, consider disputes over the Jordan river between Jordan and Israel, or the Tigris River between Iraq and Turkey.
Now consider what would happen if your state or community had only limited fresh water access. How involved do you feel local governments should be in controlling water access?
SOC450 Solutions to Global Issues
Week 11 Discussion
Making It Personal
This course studied the major threats to global well-being. In the readings, media, and assignments, you were challenged to consider your stand on the issues covered each week. In your personal life, what global issue (if any) affects you most today? 
Reflect and share the steps you can take to prevent this issue from coming closer to home.

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