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POL110 U.S. Government
Question 1 When a popular president is up for reelection, fellow-party candidates are more likely to win Congressional races. This demonstrates the _____ effect.
Question 2 When the government is unable to act on matters such as education because the legislature believes states should pay more for education and the president believes the federal government should pay more for education, it is an example of
Question 3 A president who is elected by popular vote is an invention of
Question 4 United States v. Nixon held that there is
Question 5 Which of the following is NOT one of the constraints on a president’s ability to plan a program?
Question 6 An agency cannot spend any money without approval from
Question 7 When an agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes an important decision, it is quite likely to be taken to court. This is an example of what is meant by
Question 8 When Congress formally sets aside money for a specific use, it is called a(n)
Question 9 During most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, appointments to the civil service were based primarily on
Question 10 Today, the federal government contains how many cabinet departments?
Question 11 One basic difference between a constitutional court and a legislative court is that
Question 12 In __________ the Supreme Court for the first time, in a decision authored by Chief Justice John Marshall, held that the Court could declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.
Question 13 The Supreme Court’s primary weapon in the government’s system of checks and balances is known as
Question 14 In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), the Supreme ruled that states do not have to expand their Medicaid coverage because
Question 15 When Congress passed a law that forbade anyone from carrying a gun near a school, the Supreme Court declared the law invalid because such behavior
Question 16 Which industry is the most vocal regarding the topic of pesticides and has made their voice heard in Congress so that very few pesticides have been taken off the market?
Question 17 When the Clear Air Act was revised in 1990 it gave states _____ to comply.
Question 18 The national event held on April 22, 1970, that celebrated the new environmental movement was called __________ Day.
Question 19 Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring was targeted at bringing awareness to the harm caused to wildlife by
Question 20 Which president created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
Question 21 In 2011, female personnel accounted for approximately _________ of the armed forces.
Question 22 The worldview that the United States should withdraw from world affairs is known as
Question 23 The U.S. practice of isolationism ended with
Question 24  The National Security Council includes all of the following EXCEPT the
Question 25 Which worldview did Walter Lippmann argue against in his book The Cold War?

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