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American History after 1865
Week 5 Quiz
Question 1
The Chicano Movement led by Caesar Chavez
Question 2
What was the most common reaction of Americans to Cold War uncertainties and fears of Communism?
Question 3
Truman eventually managed to break the Berlin blockade by
Question 4
All of the following is true about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, except
Question 5
The revival of the women’s movement in the 1960s is often identified with the publication of Betty Friedan’s book
Question 6
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization stipulated that
Question 7
The main goal of those who participated in Freedom Summer was to
Question 8
Women who held jobs during the 1950s
Question 9
Johnson ran for election in 1964 advocating a “mandate for change,” which he dubbed the
Question 10
Stalin initiated the blockade of the city of West Berlin in order to

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