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COM510 Business Communications
Week 6 Discussion
“Making Progress”  Please respond to the following:
Part 1:
How has your communication changed?
What are you practicing now on a regular basis? 
Rate your progress using the following rubric and note how your rating has changed from week 1.
Communication Skill Levels
Novice: You tend to “wing it” when communicating. Your messages seldom achieve your desired goals.
Intermediate: Your communications are sometimes effective, but you lack an established process for communicating (and you aren’t actively testing your methods).
Proficient: You apply some tools and techniques of communications and, while you may do so inconsistently, you are fairly effective when you communicate.
Distinguished: You are considered highly professional. You regularly influence outcomes through communications and you are highly communications-oriented.
Expert: You have extensive experience in business communications, are well-versed in the topic, and can influence goals strategically while driving action with your messaging.
Part 2: How often do you verbally present to others? How do you feel about speaking/presenting in front of groups?

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