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ACC100 Accounting
Quiz 1
Question 1
Where can I connect with my peers if I want to chat with them, brainstorm about class ideas, or receive additional support from classmates?
Question 2
When is the first ALEKS weekly homework assignment due?
Question 3
How is the Week 9 Ethics in Accounting assignment sent to the instructor for grading?
Question 4
What is the best way to contact my professor if I need him / her?
Question 5
Which of the following options does a student in ACC100 have if they need to seek additional help with the course material?
Question 6
Where do you get the ALEKS registration code required for this course?
Question 7
What resources are available in the Tutoring tab (located in the side-vertical menu of the Blackboard course) if I need help with writing and / or grammar on my assignments?
Question 8
Where can you find your professor’s contact information, office hours, and email address?
Question 9
If I am having problems with my class or an assignment what is the first thing I should do?
Question 10
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT:

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