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Students who are admitted to Concordia University-Portland College of Education join a community of scholars and practitioners in an institution whose mission is to prepare leaders for the transformation of society. As a Master of Education program applicant, you are invited to demonstrate your knowledge and academic writing ability as well as share your goals for furthering your professional growth through statements of intent. Further, the statements are used as a tool to share your interest in admission to the university, but may also be referenced again in future courses as evidence of growth and development. These statements are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the university as well as demonstrate how you think critically.  
Instructions Please respond to the following prompts individually. Number each response. 
1. Briefly introduce yourself to the Graduate Admissions Office and College of Education teams by discussing your professional background and your interest in pursuing a graduate degree at Concordia. (75-100 words) 

2. Describe your professional goals and their alignment with your chosen program and to Concordia’s overall mission.  Illustrate how your strengths and experiences have prepared you for success in the program. (200-250 words) 

3. Discuss an immediate, real-world challenge affecting P-12 educational settings. Provide an example. What action should educators take to address this challenge? (200-250 words) 

Attach your completed Statement of Intent here:

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