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Discuss the following questions pertaining to climate change policy.  Should there be an effort at the federal and/or state level to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change?  If not, should there be an effort made by public and private industry?  Why or why not?  Also, in your post include questions pertaining to this week’s lessons on climate zones and climate change.

Original posts should be 250-350 words and reply posts 100-200 words.  All posts should be readable and use scientific terminology properly.



There are many factors that attribute to global climate change, including particles in the atmosphere such as volcanic ash, snow and ice, and variations in the Earth’s orbit.  While humans cannot always control all factors, I believe we should take steps to limit our contribution to greenhouse gases which warm the Earth.  Human activity such as the production of carbon dioxide through pollution, clearing of forests contribute to the rise of the greenhouse gasses which will affect our future climate.  With increased greenhouse gases, the temperature will increase and the warming will result in increased rainfall leading to future heat-related illness such as breathing issues, and negative impact on food and water.  It is important to limit greenhouse gasses because our actions today have impact on the future climate and having a healthy earth is more important than material items. 

Federal level effort should be taken to limit greenhouse emissions effects.  According to the EPA chart from 2014, carbon dioxide (from fossil fuel) use was the largest contribution (65%) to global greenhouse gas emission by gas and electricity and heat production (burning of coal, natural gas and oil) was the largest contribution (25%) and industry (from burning fossil fuels onsite at facilities for energy) at  (21%) for global greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector (n.d).  With this being said, humans are the primary factor in contribution to greenhouse gases and in order to make an impact on the reduction of this, action would have to be taken by the federal government.  There should be strict regulation and intensive programs for use of alternative fuels such as ethanol, natural gases, etc.  However, I think this would only be possible if there was a culture change from the current consumer-driven culture. While this seems like a heavy undertaking, I believe many small choices can lead to large impacts.

A question have in regards to climate zones/ changes is if human activity is leading to global warming (creataceous period), how do scientist explain ice ages climate change without human activity?  Would this be more contribution a change in the tilt of the Earth’s axis?


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 Climate Change has been such a major topic in my lifetime. I remember when it was rarely spoken about and then Al Gore made his documentary An Inconvenient Truth and all of a sudden it’s a major topic no matter where you go or who you talk to. There’s three side’s to Climate Change in my opinion:

Those who think the world is going to explode in then next 50 years because of climate change
Those who think climate change is being accelerated due to greenhouse gases, but it wont become a problem for several hundred years.
Those who do not believe in Climate Change.

I like to think of myself as a number 2 person. With that being said the federal or state government can make as many law’s as they would like to limit our greenhouse gas emissions, but all that is going to do is put a small dent in the problem. Our government does not have control over the rest of the world, we can not force them to change their law’s on greenhouse gas emission. Until someone comes up with a cheap and productive means of replacing fuels (not solar or wind) and what not that fuel machinery in factories that produce greenhouse gases, it’s not going to work. The state or federal government can’t just shut down these factories or limit their production, people will be put out of work and the economy will begin to tank because of it. Eventually I do think someone will find a way to make this happen eventually and we will save the planet, but until that time I don’t think there will be change, nor do I agree there should be.

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