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Extrinsic motivation is behavior that arises from a goal that is external. Examples for extrinsic motivation include money or praise. The reward is viewed as valuable to the individual, thus makes them work hard for it. Intrinsic motivation is driven by the individual’s needs. This occurs when the individual enjoys the activity and do it as a form of self-satisfaction.
I see intrinsic motivation better for learning because the drive is within the person. When a person experiences this, the curiosity alone drives them to invest more time and thought into it. In extrinsic motivation, people can learn the motions of how to do things, but that does not necessary mean they have engaged in learning (Locke & Schattke 2018). For example, students research topics for class on a weekly basis. Unless they are interested in the topics and want to know more about them the drive stops when they get the grade. They really have not learned anything that will follow them throughout their degree, it has just been information they needed at that time. Whereas, if it is something they are interested in they will remember it and use it later.
Motivation is used in learning due to the fact it triggers the desired behavior. If there were no motivation, extrinsic or intrinsic, people would not have a desire to learn. It the instinct that leads to behavior. In most cases, motivation is the key to the actions or replication of behavior(Sansone & Harackiewicz 2000). This applies to learning due to the fact that the behavior is being pursued by the individual or driven by an outside force.
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