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Description: The purpose of the research project is to help students think about problems and their connections to the various methodological issues that we face in the industry.

Paper format: double spacing; separate title page including name, title, and date; page numbers; if any in-text citations and works cited in APA form.

Proposal to Write About: My proposal for the final project is to work with remote desktops. I find it very interesting that helpdesks and IT Support are able to remote into clients workstations without physically being with the person and being able to control their workstation. This concept goes hand-in-hand with our class as we are configuring servers in the United Kingdom from our computers at home. The Cengage course doesnt go into deep details on how we are remoting into servers in a different country. For the purpose of the final project, I would like to research this technology more in-depth to learn how it works. This would include configuring Remote assistance and remote server admin tools as shown in lab two in our course. I will research and go more in-depth about how this technology works. Including controlling a computer using CLI and/or software with a graphical user interface.

Thank you for your consideration

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