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MCB2289 Introduction to Microbiology
Module 1 Homework Assignment
1.Define and briefly describe the different classes of microorganisms(including the terms Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes):
1.            Eukaryotes –
a.            Algae –
b.            Fungi –
c.             Protozoans –
2.            Prokaryotes –
a.            Bacteria –
b.            Archae –
3.            Viruses –
4.            Prions –
2.            Define the four main types of organic molecules. Be sure to describe their function and give examples of each
a.            Carbohydrates –
b.            Proteins –
c.             Lipids –
d.            Nucleic acids –
3.            What does the term PPE stand for?  What are common types of PPE that are worn in the lab or hospital setting?
4.            Describe two ways in which microorganisms are used in our everyday lives:
5.            Identify two different types of staining techniques used with light microscopy.  Describe the dyes used in these techniques and why they are used.

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