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MCB2289 Introduction to Microbiology
Module 06 Discussion
Microbial Transmission Routes in Hospitals
Hospitals and other health care settings will often implement Transmission-Based Precautions to prevent or help reduce the spread of infections to health care workers, as well other patients in their care. These Transmission-Based Precautions are designed to supplement standard precautions in patients/residents with documented or suspected infection/colonization of highly transmissible or epidemiologically important pathogens. The three categories of Transmission-Based Precautions include:
Contact Precautions
Droplet Precautions
Airborne Precautions
For your initial post, choose one of the Transmission based Precautions listed above to research. Include what the definition of the precaution is, when it would be implemented and what type of personal protective equipment (PPE) a health care worker would be required to wear when coming in contact with a patient under that particular precaution.
For your reply post, expand on your peer’s ideas by sharing examples from your own experience or readings, suggesting outside resources to support the topic, and/or asking furthering questions to dig deeper into the topic.

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