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MCB2289 Introduction to Microbiology
Module 04 Discussion
Viral Treatment Options
There are many opinions on the need and/or importance of vaccines in preventing the spread of disease. Our children are required to get vaccinations before entering school, and health care workers must have them when working in environments where they can come into contact with bloodborne pathogens. In health care facilities, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) are the two more prominent infectious concerns for medical staff.
For your initial post, research the two diseases HIV and HCV. Based on your research, discuss whether you think that a vaccine will be developed for either of these diseases within the next ten years. Why or why not?
For your reply post, expand on your peer’s ideas by sharing examples from your own experience or readings, suggesting outside resources to support the topic, and/or asking furthering questions to dig deeper into the topic.

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