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MCB2289 Introduction to Microbiology
Module 03 Discussion
What Goes Around Comes Around
Have you heard of the so called “5-second rule” for when food falls to the floor? (NOT true by the way) Have you seen the signs in restrooms indicating that all employees must wash their hands before returning to work? Bacteria are everywhere and the concept of cleanliness should apply to anyone who comes in contact with foreign materials, fecal matter or urine, or any potentially contaminated materials.
For your initial post, discuss which two rooms in your home or work place that you believe are the most contaminated. Explain why you chose these two rooms and list at least two bacteria that are the common types found in those rooms.
For your reply post, respond to at least one of your peers about different methods that can be used to decontaminate these rooms to reduce or eliminate microorganisms.

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