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MCB2289 Introduction to Microbiology
Module 01 Discussion
Plagues to Patients
Throughout history, humans have battled outbreaks of disease; many lost their lives to diseases before treatments and cures were discovered. Modern science and medicine have become efficient in developing vaccines and medications to control and treat the outbreaks, but whether or not the diseases will ever truly be eradicated is in question. Considering how many of these infectious diseases exist and how easily they spread, it is important to remember safety issues to reduce and prevent transmission.
For your initial post, research a specific infectious outbreak in history and share your finding with your classmates. Be sure to include the following information in your initial post (one paragraph):
Disease name
Infectious agent (is the disease bacterial, viral, fungal?)
Mode of transmission
Signs and symptoms of the disease
Treatment (or treatments) available
Try not to duplicate another classmate’s topic.
After considering all of your research, explain the impact of infection rates in health care environments and who or what you think is the culprit.
For your reply post, expand on your peer’s ideas by sharing examples from your own experience or readings, suggesting outside resources to support the topic, and/or asking questions to dig deeper into the topic.MCB

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