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While creating your monster, you have been able to scavenge all human parts, except an intact (“whole”) brain.  You have been able to find parts of various brains.  Your assignment is to choose which 5 “parts” of the brain to include in your monster.  You may only choose 5 parts.  Your written assignment should include the following:

A list of the 5 “parts” you chose to include.
A detailed explanation of what your monster CAN do (based on the brain parts you included).  This explanation should not be a regurgitation of information from the book, you should use critical thinking skills to explain what day-to-day activities your monster can perform. 
A detailed explanation of what your monster CANNOT do (based on the brain parts you chose not to include).  Again, do not restate information straight from your book.  You should be able to think beyond the definitions and describe how your monsters behavior is impacted by the brain parts you did or did not include.

Acceptable Length: 300-500 words (typed)

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