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PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
Week 6 Discussion
Defining Psychological Disorders
STEP 1: Pick one of the disorders you read about in this module and learn more about it in order to make a “At-a-Glance” poster with details and visuals about the disorder. Visit the National Institute of Mental Health and search for the disorder, read through the information, then scroll to the section on “Research and Statistics” or “Journal Articles or Reports” to find helpful links to outside information. Look elsewhere as well for details about the prevalence, signs, symptoms, details, and research related to the disorder. Keep track of all of your sources as you investigate. Think about why this particular condition might be a considered a disorder. Do you agree with the criteria used for considering this a disorder?
STEP 2: In a format of your choosing (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Canva,, Photoshop, Google Doc, etc.), create a 1-page “At-a-Glance” poster that includes the following information about the disorder written in your own words:
Causes and Risk Factors
Recent Research (referencing at least 2 research articles)
References – Include your references in APA format. For in-text citations (in the body of your poster), cite the author’s name and publication date, i.e., (Thompson, 2018), Your full reference list can be placed either at the bottom of the visual or in the text box of the discussion.
STEP 3: When creating your 1 page  “At-a-Glance” poster, be sure to add interesting visuals.  In addition, be sure to include the following:
Include in-text citations referencing your research when discussing the disorder
Include a reference page on a separate page in APA format.
**** Two samples are provided for your review*******
STEP 4: In posts of at least 75 words, respond to the posts of at least two of your classmates. In your response, mention a few things you have learned from your classmate’s presentation, and comment on whether you agree or disagree with the criteria used for diagnosis.
Disorder At-a-Glance Assignment. Provided by: Lumen Learning. License: CC BY: Attribution

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