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PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
Week 2 Discussion
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STEP 1: Select one theory of personality from the following list:
Biological Contributions (This is in your textbook as Behavioral and Molecular Genetics)
Five-Factor Model of Personality
Humanistic Model
Social Cognitive Perspective (see Crash Course Video, Episode #22)
STEP 2: Write a 200-400 word post on the theory of personality you have chosen and why it makes the most sense to you.  Provide an accurate and detailed description of the approach you select. Compare your choice to the other theories. Name and briefly critique the other theories, how are they different  or similar to the theory of your choice? Base your answer on the reading or videos, or you may find additional information in the UMUC library or online. Be sure to cite all sources, including your Saylor (2015) textbook.
STEP 3: After you have posted your initial post, return to the discussion to comment on at least two other posts. Your comments should be at least 75 words or more and help facilitate the conversation. You can kindly agree or disagree with other responses, comment on what insights you learned from their post, or add thoughts to strengthen their analysis.

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