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PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
Exam 1
Question 21
Define and provide your own example of the following: a) a positive correlation, and b) a negative correlation.  Why are correlations important to psychology?  What are the problems with correlations?
Question 22
Can science answer question A or question B below? If so, briefly explain why or why the question is not a good candidate for scientific inquiry.  Address both questions. (Note:  Do not try to answer the question itself, just whether or not it could be answered through scientific inquiry.) If the question can be studied scientifically, identify what method might be used to study it, and identify the independent and dependent variables.
A. Does jogging lead to a positive mental attitude?
B. Will people be more moral in the year 2020 than they are now?
Question 26
The story the War of the Ghosts was used by Sir Frederic Bartlett to study
Question options:
a) how expectations influence memory
b) how children learn to write
c) how the unconscious influences behavior
d) how much knowledge is innate
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
Exam 2
Question 7 The peripheral nervous system affects __________
while the central nervous system is associated with _______________.
Question options:
a) dreaming; daydreaming
b) they are simply two names for the same system
c) conscious thought; unconscious desires
d) survival (such as breathing); information processing (such as seeing)
Question 12 Learning how to operate new program on your computer would require ________ intelligence.
Question options:
Question 14 Every time you eat cotton candy, you are reminded of the time you went to a carnival with your best friend and ate cotton candy until you were sick. In this scenario, the cotton candy represents:
Question options:
a) the retrieval cue
b) the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) effect
c) the memory trace
d) cue overload
Question 18 Because Jackie has seen so many documentaries about shark attacks, she is afraid to swim in the ocean. Chris tries to convince her that she’s overreacting because more people actually die from bee stings than shark bites. Jackie’s belief is an example of the
Question options:
functional fixedness
availability heuristic.
mental set.
confirmation bias.
Question 20 Which idea says that if you want to remember a piece of information, you should think about it more deeply and link it to other information?
Question options:
a) memory enhancing strategy
b) functional fixedness
c) levels of processing theory
d) chunking
Question 21 Describe three methods that psychologists use to study the brain.  Identify the potential advantages and disadvantages of each method that you describe.
Question 22 Describe three different techniques that your friend, Esha can use to study for her psychology exam.
Question 23 Provide a real world example of hindsight bias.
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
Exam 3
Question 5 Which is an example of negative reinforcement?
Question options:
a)  buckling your seatbelt to remove the “beep, beep, beep” sound in your car
b)  getting to eat dinner after washing your hands
c)  making children pay $1 each time they read a book
d)  getting grounded and having to stay home for staying out too late
Defining Psychological Disorders
Treating Psychological Disorders
Question 15 Griffeth wants his clients to discover their own inner conflicts and feelings. He acknowledges, restates, and clarifies what the client expresses through active listening. What kind of psychotherapeutic orientation is he using?
Question options:
a)  psychoanalysis
b)  humanistic therapy
c)  cognitive-behavioral therapy
d)  mindfulness
Question 19 Which of the following is eclectic therapy?
Question options:
a) incorporating modern technology into psychotherapy
b) letting the patient choose which variety of therapy best suits him or her
c) integrating more than one approach to psychotherapy
d)  using electroshock therapy

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