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Can someone write a essay about proposing a solution for the social issue Homelesness? 
 Essay 3 will be a proposal of a solution to the social problem that you defined in Essay 2. You will incorporate essay 2 into this essay. see attachment for essay 2

Write a 4-6 page essay in which you define a social problem and propose a solution for it. 
  5 sources, minimum, in addition to any story or stories that you cite • Works Cited page and Essay in MLA format 
Definition You have already defined the social problem in essay 2. Use essay 2 as the basis for the definition of the problem in essay 3. You may use all or part of the essay – be thorough. Be sure you define the problem in Essay 3 – don’t assume that your reader/audience knows your definition.
 Solution The solution you propose will be your position or thesis statement. You must show your audience why your solution will work, what the costs will be, and who will benefit if the problem is “fixed.” 
Research In addition, you must research and use at least 5 sources to support the ideas in your essay. As with essay 2, consider those sources in the databases accessed through COM Library’s libguides and valid internet sites (not Wikipedia or other encyclopedias or personal web sites – stay with sites whose information can be validated with other sources). You may use some or all of the sources you used in Essay 2 – don’t reinvent the wheel. 
Points of Disagreement Finally, you must include points of disagreement with your definition or solution. You will not have a “summary of opposing views” per se. Your opposing views can come in different ways, maybe all of them. • First, disagreement with defining the problem, or who it affects, or why it is a problem • Second, disagreement on how to solve the problem – the solution itself • Third, disagreement on the costs or the benefits As you are thinking and writing about your issue, consider these points of disagreement.

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