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Planning And Measurement
Deliverable Length:  6 pages, not incl. cover page, abstract page, and reference page
 Based on a review of the readings and other research on prevention, what direction would you advise policy makers to support to promote for the purposes of a) promoting the health of the U.S. population and b) achieving cost savings for the overall health care industry?

Consider the approach based on how government reflects public policy (provision of care and indirectly by the funding of health care services).  
Discuss the influence that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has had to date. What changes would you recommend as the tweaking of this law continues?  
What forms of measurement are used to determine the outcomes of such legislation, and what lessons can be learned from current and previous reform efforts? 
Compose performance baselines for healthcare organizations and develop strategies to manage and measure performance.
Formulate policies governing health service vendors retained by a healthcare organization to address legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety, care, and privacy of patients

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