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SKYSPACE: Favorite parts of your experience of SKYSPACE? What is disturbing, confusing, and/or intriguing? What is the impact of the space, the context in o in which you experience SKYSPACE? What formal aspects of the work can you describe, i.e, what about line, form, shape, color? What about the nature of color? light? spac time? What do you think is James Turrell’s intention in making SKYSPACE? experience of this artwork, what conclusions might you draw about the nature of perception? the nature of light? How did watching the film about Turrell’ your experience of SKYSPACE? s work add to 
PROMETHEUS: what are strongest elements in mural? What is the impact of the mural within the context of the space where it is installed? does it increase or decrease your appreciation of the work to see it in this context? how does the story of how the mural came into existence affect your appreciation of the work? What things do you find confusing about the work? What disturbs you? What conclusions can you draw about Orozco’ s art? What do you think inspires him? GENESIS: what are the strongest elements in this work? What about the work do you appreciate the most? What confuses you about the work? Disturbs you? How did the reading of Le Brun’ s letters about the making of 
GENESIS: affect you and affect the way you experienced the work? How did reading about “How to Look at a Shoulder” influence your experience of the work? What is the impact of the work within the context the space where it is installed adjacent to other architectural features around it, like the of ountain, for example? From what angles did you view this work? Did you go upstairs nd look down on it? What time of day did you see it? Where was the light source for iewing this work?

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