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Article Reviews

 The purpose of these articles is to show how technology can affect our everyday lives – potentially for the better and worse.

 Online Privacy Issues
Locate an article online that discusses how access to online technologies is creating a concern for personal privacy.  Consumers may be trading off their privacy for improved communications, connections, security, etc.  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
Topics could include Social Media (Facebook), Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Assistant), the Internet of Things, Biometrics, etc.
Examples (don’t use these): 
• Alexa, Should We Trust You? –
• All the Rage in Sweden: Embedding Microchips Under Your Skin –

Article Review Requirements
1. Locate an article online that satisfies the requirements for that topic and email the link to me
2. Complete a 1 page review in the following format

Section 1 – Summarize the article main points
Section 2 – Your thoughts on the article… Are the author’s points valid?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?  What do you think the next iteration of this technology will bring?  Will society or business adjust?
1 page 
no copy mla format

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