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Watch 3 videos.
And write a reflection essay on each. Although each video is unique, please compile all your videos and work into one file. You should enter your work and have at least three pages in total.

In particular, for each video
A comprehensive summary of what you watched, showing that you watched the entire video and understood what you saw. Make sure to include the key points for each video
What you learned from the video about teaching mathematics
How is the video similar/different to your concept of the meaning of math teaching.
As a future math teacher, how do you think this will affect you? 10:05 minutes
How schools in Oregon teach mathematics throughout the curriculum (2005) 14:41 minutes
TED Talk: Five Principles of Extraordinary Mathematics Teaching (2015) 26:13 minutes
This is a shared video created based on a clip from the movie “Good Morning Mrs. Tolliver” (1995).
Although it is not a real movie, it accurately uses the movie to let you know how Ms. Kay
Tolliver teaches mathematics. Remember, this movie is 25 years old, but her technology is
Related to today when the original movie was made. In addition, the quality is not the best.