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INTERACTIVE Presentation of textbook chapters: Beginning with week 3, I will ask students to present each chapter’s topics. You may use multi-media and/or any additional materials. However, you should assume that your colleagues have read the chapter, so

Instead, engage the class in a discussion, activity, quiz, etc., 
in the assigned chapters. All team members must have a speaking part 
you should not retell the chapter materials 
in the presentation and will be graded down for reading from the slides and/or mispronouncing or misusing words included in their parts. 
Textbook Chapter Presentation Grading Rubric: 

highlights and elaborates on SOME of the most interesting topics 
25 points (each) 
15 points 
10 points 
5 points 
Delivery and enthusiasm 
Very clear and concise flow of ideas. Demonstrates passionate interest in the topic and engagement with the class 
Clear flow of ideas 
Demonstrates interest in topic and engages with the class 
Most ideas flow but focus is lost at times 
Limited evidence of interest in and engagement with the topic 
Hard to follow the flow of ideas 
Lack of enthusiasm and interest 
Visuals augmented and extended comprehension of the issues in the unique ways 
Use of visuals relates to the material 
Limited use of visuals loosely related to the material 
No use of visuals 
Involvement of the class: questions, activities, generating discussions 
Excellent and salient discussion points that elucidated material to 
Questions and discussion addressed important information that 
Questions and discussion addressed surface features of the topic 
Little or no attempt to engage the class in learning 
develop deep understanding Appropriate and imaginative activities used to extend understanding in a creative manner 
developed understanding Appropriate activities used to clarify understanding 
Limited use of activities to clarify understanding 
Response to class queries 
Excellent response to student comments and discussion with appropriate content supported by theory/research 
Good response to class question and discussion with some connection made to theory/research 
Satisfactory response to class questions and discussion with limited reference to theory and research 
Limited response to questions and discussion with no reference to theory/research

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