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MN577 Clinical – Womens Health Focus
Unit 7 Quiz
Question 1
A 22-year-old woman complains of pelvic pain. Physical examination reveals cervical motion tenderness and uterine tenderness. Which of the following would further support a diagnosis of PID?
Question options
Temperature less than 100ºF (37. 8ºC)
Absence of white blood cells in vaginal fluid
Mucopurulent vaginal discharge
Laboratory documentation of cervical infection with E. coli
Question 2
Early warning signs of ovarian cancer include all of the following except:
Question options:
increase in abdominal size
indigestion and bloating
thyroid enlargement
Question 3
The risk of a woman developing ovarian cancer increases with age.
Question options:
Question 4         
A 39-year-old woman comes to the office complaining of an increasingly heavy period and a feeling of “pelvic pressure.” She had a tubal ligation 5 years ago. Her pelvic exam reveals a 12 cm irregular uterus that is movable and no adnexal masses or tenderness. Based on this information, the most likely reason for the heavy menses is:
Question options:
menopausal symptoms
ovarian cyst
fibroid uterus
Question 5
A 76-year-old female known to you comes in complaining that she cannot take “this bulge coming from my vagina any longer.” She has been diagnosed in the past with a third degree cystocele, rectocele, and vaginal prolapse. She has a significant history of cardiovascular disease. Which of the following would be the best treatment option?
Question options:
A-P repair
La Forte procedure
None of the above

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