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MN577 Clinical – Womens Health Focus
Unit 1 Quiz
Question 1
During a breast exam, you note all of the findings below as normal except:
Question options:
asymmetrical size
a supernumerary nipple
breasts that move up symmetrically with raising the arms
Question 2
When performing a pelvic examination, the first part of the external genitalia exam is:
Question options:
speculum examination
cervical sampling
Question 3         
When performing a bimanual exam, all of the following are noted as normal findings except:
Question options:
retroverted uterus
anteflexed uterus
fixed immobile uterus
smooth, firm ovary
Question 4
In preparing to do the pelvic exam, which of the following statements would be least beneficial in helping the patient feel comfortable?
Question options:
“Relax now. I am not going to hurt you.”
“Try to relax if you can, although I realize that is easier for me to say than for you to do.”
“Let me know if anything is uncomfortable and I can stop.”
“I am going to touch you now.”
Question 5
Which of the following is not a part of a vaginal speculum?
Question options:
Upper blade
Lower blade
Thumb screw
Biopsy forceps

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