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MN577 Clinical – Womens Health Focus
Unit 1 Assignment
Please upload the preceptor contact form to the Dropbox as soon as possible. Your faculty will use this form to contact preceptors in Units 1 and 2 for welcome calls and information. Please ensure that email addresses and phone numbers are correct, and if possible, are sent directly to the preceptor. Office managers are not appropriate contacts for faculty. This is a mandatory Assignment.
MN577 Clinical – Womens Health Focus
Unit 5 Assignment
Midterm Clinical Evaluation — 25 pointsFor the midterm clinical evaluation in week 5, you will be required to schedule a preceptor call with your instructor and preceptor utilizing the faculty directions in the course Announcements. Failure to schedule or complete this preceptor call could result in failure of the course.
Grading will follow the rubric and will be a collaboration between your faculty and preceptor. Any area of clinical concern will require faculty and student conference as well as implementation of an individual learning plan. You can find the rubric located in Course Resources.
MN577 Clinical – Womens Health Focus
Unit 6 Assignment
During your first 5 weeks of clinical, you have probably had patients with vaginal complaints and possible infections. For this Assignment, you will choose three STIs (e.g., bacterial vaginosis, HPV, chlamydia, HIV, trichomoniasis). Then fill in the chart for all columns including presenting symptoms, physical findings, laboratory/diagnostic findings, and management or treatment. Do not leave any section blank.
When complete, upload your chart to the Dropbox.

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