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MN561 Advance Practice Nurse Clinical
 Unit 3 Quiz  
Question 1
True or False: The focus of this Seminar was to discuss medical documentation and coding: ICD-10, CPT codes only. Level of care was not discussed.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 2
Principles of Coding include all except:
Only provide the level of care that is medically necessary per clinical judgment.
Always code a lower level of service then you think needed.
Always provide and document services in accordance with the established best practices.
Always code and document exactly what care was provided.
Question 3
True or False: ICD-10 codes describe what it was done for the patient.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 4
True or False: CPT codes describe WHAT was done for the patient.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 5
True or False: When coding for Preventive Care Services it is mandatory to include the minimum of five components.
Incorrect Response
                a) True
Correct Answer
                b) False

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