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MN561 Advance Practice Nurse Clinical
 Unit 1 Quiz  
Question 1
Clinic hours must be confirmed by your preceptor every:
Two weeks
Every month
At the end of term
Every week
Question 2
True or False: You must arrange three phone call meetings with the preceptor, faculty and self during the 10 week period you are in clinic.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 3
True or False: You can wear scrubs to your clinical practicum.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 4
True or False: It is OK to complete your clinical hours in the hospital setting.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 5
True or False: The student must complete all 160 required clinical hours no later than the Monday of Week Ten.
                a) True
                b) False

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